Friday, 17 March 2017

Design of Two Way Slab using Excel 

Two Way Slab:
The slab is to be designed as two way slab when the main steel is spanning in both the directions( that is long span (Ly) & short span (Lx)). This is done to transfer the load on to the beams on all the sides.
Theoretically, the slab is to be designed as the two way slab only, when the ly /lx ratio (aspect ratio)is less than 2.But again, practically the things go different. Due to certain limitations, such as economy and certain construction limitations.The slab may be designed as one way having aspect ratio less than one. This also depends upon the support positions and the boundary conditions (such as simply supported, restrained , continuous etc briefly explained in IS 456:2000) mentioned also in the first post, it may depend upon the conditions But as far as the Academics is considered, the slab is always designed as per the aspect ratio.This involves a series of tedious calculations which are can be simplified by the using software.

As already stated, excel is of great importance to we students. Both speed and accuracy are guaranteed when the lengthy calculations are done by excel.Keeping the same in mind, I have came up with one more new Excel Template (Design of Two Way Slab).Surely check that once.

Click here to download the template : Two Way Slab Design Template

In case, anyone wish to download the template.
  • Please take a note this template has been designed for only Fe-415 & Fe-500 grade steel.
  • The sheet has designed with suitable color code, to avoid any further confusion.
  • The worksheet has been programmed considering a little higher safety factor,due to which the values may not be exactly equal to the manual calculations.However it may give an appropriate idea of the steel required with their specifications.
  • Some of the checks are not included in the template and had to be done manually.
  • This file is only for the academics use and should not be used professional design.
  • Reference IS 456:2000.

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